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Do economic sanctions work?

Multi-disciplinary panel discussion

27th September 2018

London SW1


Philip Hackett QC - Specialising in regulation, international compliance and fraud  

Dr Hassan Hakimian - Director, London Middle East Institute, SOAS University 

Sir Peter Heap KCMG - Former British Ambassador

Prof Kern Alexander - Banking and Financial Market Regulation, Zurich University

Dr Ramin Wali – Behavioural psychologist and fund manager


Moderated by Dr Robert Thomas for Accademia


Economic sanctions – ranging from blanket trade embargoes to targeted asset freezes and travel bans – have assumed an increasingly prominent role in international politics since the end of the Cold War. But have these much-used tools proven effective in changing the behaviour of their intended targets? Do they prevent armed conflict? Do they risk damage to the country imposing the sanction as well as itsopponent? 


The Accademia panel will examine some of the most prominent recent sanctions episodes, assessing their success and exploring legal, technical and political perspectives.We  ask how they have become so entrenched in so many foreign policies across the world and whether something more effective is necessary. If so, what might that be?

This event is by invitation.

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