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 Well-informed debate is central to improving understanding. Accademia's discussions and seminars focus on putting the right questions to the right people in our search for deep, authoritative insights.

Latin American Trade and Investment Forum
A connected world - the future of digital technology

Exploring those areas in which Latin America is already a technological leader, as well where the countries are positioning themselves for the future, and what that positioning means for the future of 4G, telecoms coverage, data centres and the internet of things. We consider the opportunities for new, innovative solutions, with a focus on their potential for social impact in a rapidly developing part of the world.

Latin American Trade and Investment Forum
Economic partners - the future of the UK and Latin America

Informed by political, economic, cultural and business climate of Latin America, Dr Robert Thomas and the Economist Intelligence Unit's Fiona Mackie discuss how the investment landscape has developed over the last five years and what it might look like in the coming years.

Do Economic Sanctions work?

Economic sanctions, from trade embargoes to more targeted “smart” restrictions, asset freezes and travel bans, are assuming an increasingly prominent role in international politics, often as an almost instinctive response when diplomatic efforts have failed and military action is either undesirable or unviable. But have these much-used tools proven effective in changing the behaviour of their intended targets? Do they necessarily prevent armed conflict? Do they risk damage to the country imposing the sanction as well as its opponent? Is their use simply, as one former Ambassador put it, down to there being “nothing else between words and military action if you want to bring pressure upon a government” Is something more effective in between necessary and, if so, what alternatives or developments to sanctions might be devised?

London, 27th September 2018

In the first two decades after independence, Singapore’s economy grow by an average of 10% each year. Since then, the country has emerged as a vibrant cultural hub as well as an important financial centre. How did this apparent “miracle” come about? What challenges does the country’s economy still face? Are its successes one of a kind, or do they serve as a template for others to follow?

London, Autumn 2018

Singapore and the "economic miracle"

For at least the last two decades, Africa has been a major priority for the UK’s foreign aid. Over half of that budget is spent on the continent, yet the fight against poverty and hunger is still to be won. How can that aid best be targeted to ensure meaningful outcomes? How can investment and development by companies large and small be encouraged and sustained? What role is there for technology – both new and established – to secure Africans a prosperous, healthy future?

London, Autumn 2018

Unlocking development in Africa:
what roles for aid, enterprise and technology?
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